Impact investing in food production and technology in Sub-Saharan Africa

Holistic Investments Group (HAIG) is a Mauritian-based venture capital firm focused on developing sustainable, regenerative agricultural projects in Sub-Saharan Africa to enhance food production. The company was established in 2016 by co-founders, each with over 30 years of experience managing agricultural assets and financial markets in the southern African region. Over their careers, Holistic Investments Africa’s team members have been involved in buying, selling and developing multiple projects across sub-Saharan Africa, from Zimbabwe to South Africa, Swaziland, Zambia and Mozambique. 

Along with our projects in the agricultural domain, we aim to support exceptional early-stage companies. We are patient and passionate about creating sustainable and profitable businesses with a track record of delivery. To expand our impact in this space, we are launching in H2 2022 a Fund to finance female-led SMEs across Africa.

75+ years

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Investments and sales in global Agriculture

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Why invest in African agriculture?

Regenerative agriculture, innovative solutions and patient capital unleash food production and increase food security, business transformation and social programmes

Food and Agriculture

Food and Agriculture is a large and growing investment destination accounting for over 8% of global GDP, with investors attracted by local experience, scale and long-term returns

Green Revolution

Demographic drivers and natural resources are fuelling a Green Revolution in Africa with enormous potential for expansion: franchising the disenfranchised, feeding the continent


African agriculture accounts for 20-30% of GDP and employs 70% of Africa’s workforce. By 2040, Africa will offer the world’s largest workforce globally

Innovation Opportunities

Most farms remain small scale and the average age of the African farmer is 60 years old. Yet 60% of Africa’s population is under 24 years old and open to increasing innovation

Natural Resources​

Africa offers abundant land and fresh water reserves yet only 7% of agricultural land is irrigated despite year round cropping availability

Investment Incentives

There are growing investment incentives across Africa for investors with patient capital from, for example, tax incentives for agri equipment to tax free Economic Enterprise Zones

Our portfolio

See active investment opportunities

Matuba farm built by Holistic investments Africa

Matuba Farm


Matuba farm is located Southern Mozambique, and comprises of 1,100ha of fertile land with extensive irrigation and other infrastructure and excellent access to water sources from the nearby Limpopo River. The land is highly fertile suitable for variety of crops, which it successfully delivers, including a growing banana plantation.

Holistic Investments Africa- Sustainable Planet _ water lentils, partner of Holistic Investments Africa

Sustainable Planet


Sustainable Planet Ltd. is a European Agri-Food Tech company established to grow and process plant protein in southern Africa in order to combat food insecurity and climate change. Its sustainable agriculture and technology uses non-arable land and little water to grow its product. Contributes to 13/17 OF THE UN SDG Goals.

Kalonga estates built by Holistic investments Africa

Kalonga Estates


Kalonga Estates spans 2,750 ha, on the banks of the Zambezi River. Presently, the farm is adapted for various crops including wheat, groundnuts, maize, bananas and stevia, and is one of a selected few farms targeted to be first movers in growing cannabis. In 2010, it selected as a showcase farm on a British Royal tour.

GLIDE funding for African women entrepreneurs by Holistic Investments Africa


Mauricius & RSA

GLIDE is born to address the gaping hole in funding across Africa to support innovative, women-led small and medium sized businesses by providing capital, mentorship and connectivity. Specifically, the Fund is focused on innovative the fund is focused on innovative early growth stage companies looking to scale.

"The benefits of investment locally are so many. It helps the community with providing electricity, water and jobs. The government does not have the condition to help people otherwise."
Julio Langa
MATUBA FARM OFFICE Administrator, Mozambique

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