Diversified agricultural investment company focused on sub-saharan africa


Diversified agricultural investment company focused on sub-saharan africa

who we are

"Key to our success is our holistic approach and African-grown ability to be innovative, flexible and cost-effective"

Holistic (“HAIG”) was established in Mauritius in 2016 as an advisory, management and holding company for agricultural investments in tangible assets in sub-Saharan Africa. Before 2016, its management team  worked for over 25 years each managing agricultural assets and working in financial markets in southern Africa. In recent years, the company has successfully launched and operated projects in South Africa, Swaziland, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Mozambique. 

HAIG identifies, develops, manages and sells agricultural assets across the value chain including primary and secondary agriculture, with a particular interest in high-value and biological assets. All our farmlands and processing plants are carefully selected, secured by long-term leases or freehold, with secure title. As a general rule, we invest only in assets with direct access to ample water resources and near to an urban centre and good transport links. Country political risk is closely monitored and managed, and climatic impact is mitigated through diversification, insurance and farm selection. 

Currently, the company markets produce in Africa, supplying a regional market of 1 billion consumers. Moreover, good road links to airports and ports enable our goods to reach international markets across Asia, the Middle East and Europe. 

Extensive local experience


75+ collective years of Management experience and Networks in african Agriculture & finance


bought, sold and operated multiple sites across 5 countries in sub-Saharan Africa


increase food supplies and create employment opportunities for hundreds of local people

Meet the Management

Susan Payne


Susan has spent her career building and managing businesses either focused on or located in global emerging markets, primarily Africa. After having been trained as a lawyer and called to the Bar in Canada, Susan’s early work experience included senior management roles in securities trading over a decade with JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs. In 1997, Susan co-founded a hedge fund focused on emerging markets and, since its sale in 2011, has focused on developing food production and delivery systems across various countries in southern Africa.

Susan was awarded a Shell UK Woman of the Future Award in 2006; was short-listed for the UK First Woman of Finance award in 2005, and was listed by Financial News as one of the, “Top 100 Most Influential Women in European Finance” in 2007 and 2008.  She is currently an athlete on the England and Great Britain Masters Athletics Teams. 

Jakobus De Klerk


Koos started his farming career in 1987 managing several large mixed farming estates in Zimbabwe. In 1991, Koos joined Kondozi Estates, the family commercial farming business, expanding its row cropping operations into export vegetables to the UK and Europe, as well as exporting flowers to Holland. As one of the largest and most productive private commercial farms in Zimbabwe at that time, with a staff of 2,000 and production facilities operating 24/7, the business was appropriated in 2004 by the Mugabe regime. This resulted in Koos move to Zambia, where he co- founded and developed both green-field and other large farm operations that remain highly productive today.

In 2016, Koos co-founded Holistic after over a decade away from Zim spent working in commercial farm management, as well as acting as Managing Director of Business Development and then of Food Distribution in roles covering Zambia, Mozambique and South Africa, among other countries.  

Our aims


Food security

To provide food security to local communities, regions and countries that require increased food stocks due to growing demand from expanding populations, food shortages and crisis-led impact



To deliver our goals in an holistic and environmentally sustainable way, safeguarding People. Planet. Profit.



To create opportunities for investment into African real assets and simultaneously achieve above average long term investment returns


Social Responsibility

To promote and advance effective and socially responsible investment in various projects across sub-Saharan Africa


Vertical Integration

To introduce vertical integration on each project, from production to processing and distribution, and to increase jobs, enhance investment returns and diversify risk

To reach the land of profits following the road of purpose

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