Holistic Investments
is a diversified, agricultural investment company
focused on sub-Saharan Africa

About Us

Key to our success is our holistic approach and African-grown ability to be
innovative, flexible and cost-effective

Our investment focus is to grow high yielding crops sustainably with a long term perspective based on socially, environmentally and economically sound decisions

Our goal is to upgrade conventional agricultural practises and promote regenerative agriculture with best practises and carbon capture adapted to the African context

Our 5 Aims

Our team has extensive local experience, including over 30 years management
in African agriculture and finance. Over the past decade, we have bought,
sold and operated multiple sites across 5 countries in sub-Saharan Africa, increasing food supplies and creating employment opportunities for hundreds of local people

Holistic Investments


To provide food security to local communities,
regions and countries that require increased stocks
due to growing demand and food shortages

Holistic Investments

Vertical Integration

To introduce vertical integration on each project, from production to processing and distribution, to increase jobs, enhance investment returns and diversify risk

Holistic Investments


To create opportunities for investment into African real assets and simultaneously achieve above average long term investment returns

Holistic Investments

Social Responsibility

To promote and advance effective and socially responsible investment in various projects across
sub-Saharan Africa

Holistic Investments


To deliver our goals in an holistic and environmentally sustainable way
and a view to safeguard
People. Planet. Profit.

“To reach the land of profits following the road of purpose”

Holistic Investments
Holistic Investments
Holistic Investments
Holistic Investments
Holistic Investments