Kalonga Estates

Fertile soil in a water-abundant area producing various crops year-round

Welcome to Kalonga

Kalonga Estates is located on the banks of the Zambezi River, 30km from Victoria Falls on the main Livingstone to Kazungula tar road. It is 30km from the Kazungula border ferry to Botswana. The farm spans an area of 2,746 ha, with extensive irrigation and excellent infrastructure.

Kalonga is adapted for various crops: wheat; groundnuts; maize; bananas and stevia. It is ideally suited to high value nut trees, citrus and cannabis.  A 1,000 ha block of undeveloped bush presents a prime opportunity for further expanded crop farming activities or livestock ranching. With tourism central to the area, there is scope to develop tourism-related facilities and selected farmhouses have previously been made available for tourist accommodation

Kalonga farm map

Why Invest in Kalonga Estates

unique opportunity

Crop rotation

The farm’s sandy soils are ideal for the cultivation of summer groundnuts in rotation with a winter wheat crop. Simple grading and sorting equipment allows for the shelling and cleaning of raw nuts for export. Markets for all crops have been established in Zambia, South Africa and Zimbabwe.

Access to water and electricity

Full irrigation infrastructure has been installed to take advantage of a massive asset to Kalonga: the Zambezi River. All irrigation water is pumped from the Zambezi River to the farm’s large holding dam. A 5 MVA sub-station provides electricity from the main ZESCO grid.

Experienced Management

With over 30 years of experience each in agricultural management & finance, Kalonga’s management team has a proven track record of successfully managing agricultural assets across Africa. The farm has established structures and systems operating alongside top rate local service providers. 


Kalonga is a high impact project in both environmental and social spaces, contributing to UN Sustainable Development Goals 2, 8, 9, 5. The farm works closely with neighbouring villages and smallholders to advance their cropping and other needs.  

Touristic potential

Due to Victoria’s Falls proximity to Kalonga, the location has enormous tourist potential, with growing interest in agri-tourism from international tourists. The local hotels and restaurants also create strong demand for local foodstuffs from regional farms.  

Secured Assets

While Zambia is a safe country to visit, security on the estate is important. Kalonga’s boundary is protected by a 2m high bonnocks electric fence with permanent guards on the 2 access gates into the premises. 

Variety of Crops

Fertile land suitable for various crop entities
groundnut at kalonga estates






Extensive Infrastructure & Modern Machinery

Driving Maximum Efficiency

Kalonga has extensive infrastructure, including numerous farm buildings, staff housing, 3 large managers’ houses, 2 assistant managers houses and a 2,024.17 meter square banana/fresh produce pack house with a 238 square meter mezzanine floor and a 500 ton capacity fresh produce cold room.

Aside from an array of machinery, there is a state of the art cable delivery system (over 2km) is in place to ferry banana bunches from the fields.

A separate 1,000 square meter potato pack-house is on site complete with washing, sorting and packaging machinery and equipment.



Kalonga Crops

Kalonga has trialled and grown a number of crops over the years, from wheat, maize and sorghum to bananas, tomatoes and sweet potatoes,  also peanuts, soybeans and stevia – even chillies – all successfully. It is currently focused on wheat, nuts and seed maize as well as citrus, potatoes and avocados. See how we have developed Kalonga over the years. 


Take a peek inside Kalonga Estates

SDG Impact

By investing in this project, you contribute to the following SDG Goals:

Social impact

Kalonga Social Projects

Kalonga has been involved in several social projects in the community. To date, we have organized sports camps at schools and orphanages, established a Farm Store to supply local villagers, organized Adult Literacy classes as well as shoes and clothing donations for under-privileged community members and provided machinery support for cropping when needed.

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