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Many small particles can form a huge mosaic

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We offer consulting, management and advisory services, as well as sales and investments in global agriculture

Why African Farming?

Regenerative agriculture, innovative solutions and patient capital unleash food production
and increase food security, business transformation and social programmes

Holistic Investments

Food and Agriculture

Food and Agriculture is a large and growing investment destination accounting for over 8% of global GDP, with investors attracted by local experience, scale and long term returns

Holistic Investments

Green Revolution

Demographic drivers and natural resources are fuelling a Green Revolution in Africa with enormous potential
for expansion: franchising the disenfranchised, feeding the continent

Holistic Investments


Most farms remain small scale and the average age
of the African farmer is
60 years old, yet 60%
of Africa’s population is under 24 years old and open to increasing innovation

Holistic Investments


African agriculture accounts for 20-30% of GDP and employs 70% of Africa’s workforce, which will be the world’s largest workforce globally by 2040

Holistic Investments

Natural Resources​

Africa offers abundant
land and fresh water reserves
yet only 7% of agricultural land is irrigated despite
year round cropping availability 

"The benefits of investment locally are so many.
It helps in the community with providing electricity, water and jobs.
The government does not have the condition to help people otherwise."
Holistic Investments
Julio Langa
Company Administrator
Holistic Investments
Holistic Investments
Holistic Investments
Holistic Investments
Holistic Investments