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Water lentils – the world’s most sustainable protein

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Climate positive protein for food security

Sustainable Planet is a high-impact Agri-Food Tech company that grows premium plant-based proteins in large scale while contributing to the regeneration of earth’s resources and mitigating carbon emissions.

Our mission is to produce food, protect the earth and fight climate change through sustainable agriculture and technologies. 

Why Invest in Sustainable Planet

unique opportunity

$10bn plant-based protein market

Fast-growing plant protein market could hit $162 billion by 2030.

Grow year round, double in volume every 24 hrs

Extremely high yield plant, not limited by seasonality

Simple technology, easy to grow

Water lentils production does not require extensive machinery or intensive labor.

IP protection

Sustainable Planet works with the best universities and research centers to deliver its integrated cultivation process, IP protein extraction, proprietary products and carbon credits.

Highly experienced team and world-class advisors

International team with wide-ranging and complimentary skills and experience and a shared passion for providing food sustainably and with the lowest possible carbon footprint and water use in the fight against climate change.

Premium-quality food and protein

Compared to spirulina and chlorella, water lentils excel in all nutritional categories. It is the ultimate super food.

No arable land needed

Water lentils produce 10-15 times more protein per hectare than soybeans, with no arable land needed. Ponds are built on land unfit for any other food use. 

Huge CO2 mitigation potential

Water lentils have huge climate mitigation potential. Unlike other proteins, water lentils are a climate positive protein and act as a carbon sink.

Low water usage

Unlike other plant proteins, water lentils use very little water, which need not be potable, making them a reliable source of protein even in a water crisis.

Global demand very robust and increasing

Unlike other plant proteins, water lentils use very little water, which need not be potable, making them a reliable source of protein even in a water crisis.

"One hectare of non-arable land with water lentils produces 13.5 tons of protein per year. Enough to feed more than 650 people per year."

Benefits of Water Lentils

Proteins for sustainable future

10-15x more protein per hectare than soybeans


More calcium than milk


Wide Range of micronutrients


Climate positive protein

SDG Impact

By investing in this project, you contribute to the following 13 SDG Goals:

See Sustainable Planet Facilities

Water Lentils Plants

Very Low Land Usage
Sustainable planet greenhouse in Netherlands
Sustainable planet Plant in Abou Dhabi
Water lentil test in Sustainable planet facilities

Farmer value

Opportunity for hundreds of African farmers

We aim to expand our social impact through Sustainable Planet, enabling African smallholder farmers to benefit from water lentils production, with we will process on site.

This will secure well above average wages for smallholders with year round cropping, increased protein production, crop diversification and a complete nutritional program for African’s population and beyond.

Partners & Members

Sustainable Planet's Global partners
ILA - sustainable planet partner
Nexus - sustainable planet partner
Wageningen university logo - sustainable planet partner
Nexio - sustainable planet partner
Carbon - sustainable planet partner
Fridrich Schiller Universitat - sustainable planet partner
Sustainable Planet is a proud member of the following organisations
Sustainable planet is a WAES member
Sustainable planet is a International Vegeterian Union member
Sustainable planet is a Swissveg member


Most frequent questions and answers

Sustainable Planet is headquartered in London England with its first projects in sub-Saharan Africa.

Holistic Agricultural Investments Group Mauritius Ltd. is a local African operator with its principals having over 30 years experience each in African agriculture, infrastructure development, project management and finance. We have been involved in food production, processing and distribution over the
past decade in Mozambique and across sub-Saharan Africa.

Investors are ideally interested Impact focused: following the road of purpose to reach the land of profits. 

Launch date in 2022 is as soon the current $4 mm raise is completed, already over over half raised. All interested parties should speak get in touch. 

Send us your details including location and we will let you know when a project launches in your area. 

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